Monday, May 5, 2008

Etiquette For Air Travellers

Cheaper flights have attracted a lot of traffic comprising even lower middle class people in India. Sometimes, it is economical to travel by airplane rather than a train. Air Deccan led by the visionary Capt. Gopinath has revolutionised the concept of air travel by his dream to enable every Indian to fly on low cost.

First timers are often nervous and anxious when they board a flight. They sincerely and scrupulously follow the on-flight instructions demonstrated by the crew. Its okay if they have to be advised by the crew from time to time on what they should do or shouldn't do.

But the problem comes from frequent flyers who cannot and shouldn't be pardoned if they ignore proper etiquette or conduct on flights. Here are my 12 most important observations which should necessitate strong action.

1. Not fastening the seat belt when you know you have to
2. Not keeping the seat upright when you know you should
3. Getting up for toilet when you know you shouldn't
4. Not switching off your cellphone when you know you should
5. Getting up to take out your bag as soon as the plane lands
6. Calling the air-hostesses for no valid reason
7. Unnecessarily entering into arguments (to get attention) with the crew
8. Speaking and / or laughing loudly with total disregard of disturbing others
9. Keeping the window cover closed when you shouldn't
10. Getting into a flight in inebriated condition and causing nuisance to all
11. Not making way for children and senior citizens when you should
12. Misbehaving with air-hostesses and other ladies

Of course, unfortunately, you can't throw out rule-breakers from a flight!